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Welcome to Flat Rate Design & Hosting!

It is amazing just how much some companies charge for a high-quality site on the internet. When the World Wide Web was new, designers charged reasonable hourly fees for their work because, at that time, everything was in raw coding and took quite a long time.

In the "cyber space" of today the need for raw coding has been all but eliminated due to a number of incredibly accurate, time-saving software products which allow for faster and easier work. It would make sense, that with this new capability, sites would become much more affordable. Unfortunately they did not. Instead, the hourly rates just became inflated.

We're different. Here at Flat Rate Design & Hosting we do not charge an hourly rate for our basic services. Instead, we offer a number of affordable Site Packages which simply have an assigned "flat rate" which makes having a high quality site on the web much more affordable. We will design a custom site for you or your business at a fraction of the cost you can expect to pay with most other companies.

At Flat Rate we always keep reality in mind so that your Web site is usable by everyone and not just those with the latest machines and lightning fast connections. To a point, we can cater for lower specification browsers, so at least they get a reasonable impression from your site.

Please take a moment to look through our site and see what we have to offer. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us directly via email. Here at Flat Rate we look forward to serving you.

The Flat Rate Team