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As you know, the internet has become a wonderful resource for every business, large and small. Flat Rate can help with whatever you might need in a web site.

Perhaps Upside Magazine phrased it best when it discussed the importance of marketing, "Word of mouth, frequency of press appearances, Web site quality and the frequency and quality of advertisements all serve to create the image of a 'real company.'"

Below are a few answers to some common questions.

Why do you need a Web Site?

To sell goods or services? To inform the public? To improve your corporate image? To develop export sales?

All of these are valid objectives when planning a Web site. It is certainly worth setting targets for your site, and also putting in place methods of monitoring performance, so that future investments of time and money are applied as effectively as possible.

Consider some of the following reasons, why you may need a web site:
  • A web site will provide access to your Business / Organization 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • A web site will provide every Business and Organization will a competitive edge over other similar organizations not online.
  • A web site provides a focus for your customers / members.
  • A web site is like your own TV station, you report and distribute information to those people who visit your site.
  • A web site that features frequent updates, can disseminate multimedia information to a target group quicker than any other technology.
  • Visitors who make use your online facilities (E-mail, order forms) are your best customers, they have come to you.
  • On the Internet, your business, no matter what its size, has the same presence as any other company.


Many companies who maintain a catalog of items for sell find great value in offering those same items for sale over the web. A virtual storefront on the web can introduce a whole new clientele to the same products with a minimal investment. Flat Rate offers special e-commerce rates to assist you with putting your catalog on the web.

Whether or not you have an established business and would like to begin selling on the web or if you have a great business idea you want to get started, Flat Rate can help. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

Company Brochure

Most business web sites fit into this category. Having a high quality, professionally designed web site is a must for all businesses. A Web site can contain as much or as little information as you want. Company literature, newsletters, price lists, financial reports, guides, maps, photographs, music, animations, art ...... the list is endless. Our site packages are outlined with this in mind.

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