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Showcase a Hobby
There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes with being successful in a beloved hobby. Do you raise animals? Do you build models? Do you collect something? Well, chances are there are many others throughout the world who do it too. A web site that showcases your hobbies is a wonderful way to keep in touch in cyber-space.

Make Family Announcements
Is your family spaced out across the country? A family web site is a wonderful way to stay in touch by making announcements, sharing pictures or even a fun way to teach your kids about the internet.

Wedding & Graduation Announcements
This is the latest rage. Due the the rising costs of sending elaborate announcments through the mail, many are turning to the web. Now you can just send out a small and tasteful (and less expensive!) announcement that includes your web site address where your guests can go to see everything you have to announce. The number of pictures you can show this way really makes this option attractive.

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